A Look Inside….

Bass guitar player at age 13. Been in and out of bands ever since. Worked in Logistics and Marketing for some major conglomerates.

Enter 2012. A chance run-in with a family acquaintance led me to embark on a whole new journey.

Rajeev Laxman Narayanan:
Mildly opinionated gas station owner, minus the accent.
Hello Buddy! Welcome to my world of premeditated randomness….

Delta Gas Station
389 Dover Road
South Toms River, NJ 08757

Just a 1/4 mile off Exit 80 of the Garden State Parkway. Stay left on the exit ramp towards South Toms River. At the stop sign, make a right. Then make your immediate left at the traffic light onto Dover Road. I am up on the right across from the 7-Eleven.

Origin of the name: Shivani and I were having a little tiff one day and I said something rather stupid and obnoxious. To break the tension, I haulted mid sentence and just blurted out Don’t blame me. Blame it on Eugene!” She took a deep breath getting ready to completely disparage me when she abruptly stopped. “Who the hell is Eugene?!” To which I responded, “He’s my brain. He’s the one who said all those things.” After a few silent moments, we both broke down laughing, thus successfully resurrecting my place in her world…


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