August 2015

Sunday August 16, 2015

“You know. If it weren’t for you and the other guy, I’d probably hate all Indians. I’m just being honest. But, you guys are so nice and friendly.”

“The Delta Gas Pumpers: Desensitizing Racists Since 2012. ”

Coming to a theater near you….

Wednesday August 5, 2015

“Guilty Until Proven Innocent.”

A guy drives in for a $20 fill. Some time passes.

“I said $20.”

“Yes Sir. That is what you’re getting.”

“Cause I know how you people are. We say $20 and you only put in $15 and pocket the rest. You probably have that down to a science.”

“Actually, no Sir. I like to sleep at night. But, thank you for the banter. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.”

It’s so refreshing to be pinned a thief from a guy who doesn’t even remotely know me.

Next thing you know he’s going to accuse me of beating old ladies with the lunch that I stole from the kid down the street.

And the Resident Asshole Award goes to….


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