April 2015

Sunday April 19, 2015:

This is a gas station story like no other. It’s actually pretty incredible.

A regular customer of ours stops in for a fill. I hadn’t seen him in a very long time. Something was different about him. He had this glow. So, I decided to inquire.

“You look pretty happy this morning.”

And then he told me the entire tale.

16 years ago he had a daughter with his then girlfriend. When she was 7, he skipped town. 6 years later, he decided to try and makes things right.

“I could never make up for lost time. I could never take back what I did. But, at least I could be a part of her life from here on out.”

So, he got a hold of his ex-girlfriend. Then his heart sank.

2 years after he had skipped town, the mother put the 9 year old up for adoption. She couldn’t handle being a single mother.

He didn’t go into every detail, but somehow he couldn’t get a hold of that paper trail. They had no idea who took her in.

He launched a massive search for her, calling up every agency he could think of. He even went as far as Puerto Rico.

Finally, after 3 long years, he found her. She was taken in by a loving family only an hour away from here.

And the even greater news? While she will never leave her adoptive parents, she has willingly begun a new relationship with her biological father.

Wow. Just wow….

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