January 2015

Tuesday January 20, 2015:
“Wipe me? Wipe you!”

One of the more amusing things to happen here as of late.

Customer pulls up to the pump and gets out of her car.

“Can you help me with this? My wiper popped off.”

“Let me take a look.”

I struggle for a few minutes, but I just couldn’t get it back on. By this point cars were coming in.

“I’m sorry Ma’am, I can’t get it. Do you need gas?”

“I do, but not from here. You couldn’t help me.” She takes off.

Customer 1, Rajeev 0.

Rajeev’s Ego? -7.

Friday January 9, 2015:

Broke the $2 for the first time….

Monday January 5, 2015:

“The Commonality in 50 Stars.”

During my 1st week of operation almost 3 years ago, I put up an American flag (Well, actually Singh physically did it. But, I supervised very well).

While I am a full fledged American born and raised here, I was well aware of the stereotypes associated with a gas station employee. So, I figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea to put up our country’s colors.

Our original Red, White, and Blue went through a lot. So many things went wrong when Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc, but somehow our flag remained intact and upright. But, over time it started to deteriorate. By the end, it had holes everywhere.

A local customer pulls in and sees the aging flag.

“We have to do something about this,” he says with a light bulb like look on his face.

He returns some time later with a new flag in hand.

“This is for you guys.”

In a nation that is ever so divided these days, it was nice to see such a patriotic gesture.

It wasn’t about him being white. It wasn’t about me being brown. It was the fact that while we have different ancestry, we both proudly coexist in the United States of America. As we should be.

Good morning my friends. Make it a great one….

Friday January 2, 2015:
A classless customer with no regard for courtesy came in for a $5 fill. At the end, he literally threw crumpled up dollar bills at me and took off.

After unraveling each bill, I discovered that he had mistakenly given me $6. So, I gave $1 of free gas to the very next customer.

I “Paid It Forward” on behalf of the asshole.

Sometimes? It’s fun being the middleman….

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