October 2014

Thursday October 30, 2014:
A guy in a brand new Honda Accord pulls in.

“Yo, I’m not sure how it works. You may need to go talk to someone. But, I need $7 of gas and I’ll pay you tomorrow.”

“Sorry man, but I can’t do that.”

He drives away. 5 minutes later I see him walking out of the deli with a breakfast sandwich and pack of cigarettes.

That has got to be one of the more asinine ways of asking for a favor.

“The Arrogant Demanding Approach.”

Riiiight. I’m guessing he may need to change up his hustle….

Sunday October 26, 2014:
“Oh I’m not racist, unless I don’t get my way.”

A guy pulls in a little away from the pumps.

“Can you break a hundred?”

“Yeah no problem. Please move up.”

“I don’t need gas. Just change.”

“Sorry I can’t do that.”

“What the fuck? You just said you can break a hundred.”

“Yes, but that was assuming you were going to get gas. You’re in a gas station, not a bank.”

Aaaand then he said it.

“You’re just lucky we let you get work here asshole.”

All he really had to do was get a couple of bucks of gas and then he would have received all the small bills he desired.

Or open an account with TD Bank. After all, they ‘are’ America’s Most Convenient Bank.

At any rate, that was fun….

Wednesday October 22, 2014:

I love moments like this.

93 years old. Still driving. Quite amazingly I must say. Regular customer. She comes in for an oil change.

“Ma’am, you’re welcome to sit while Dave works on your car.”

“Actually, I just need your counter.”

She pulls out a deck of cards.

“Know how to play Solitaire?”

“Actually believe it or not I don’t Ma’am.”

“Pay attention. I’ll teach you. When you’re old like me, playing cards is very relaxing. Keeps me alert. Keeps my mind alive.”

She took a completely dreary rainy morning and turned it around for me.

God Bless her….

Wednesday October 22, 2014:
One Dollar Cheaper Price


I am now officially $1.00 cheaper than when I first started here back in 2012.

There’s me on my first day dropping the price from the previous owner’s $3.77 to $3.75.

Now? $2.75 my friends!

389 Dover Road in South Toms River, NJ. Just a 1/4 mile off Exit 80 of The Garden State Parkway.

Sorry. It’s the little things that excite me….

Sunday October 5, 2014:
So, the conversation went like this.

Indian couple pull in for a fill. The gentleman starts speaking to me in Hindi.

“Sorry Sir, but I don’t speak Hindi.”

The look of utter disgust on his face was rather priceless. As if I’ve done something wrong here.

I suppose he forgot that there are oh I don’t know 20 different Indian languages? 30 maybe? And how many dialects?

And that we’re in America and it shouldn’t bother him that people in America speak oh I’m just gonna throw this out there — English!

He refused to talk to me during the fill. And when I said “Have a nice day,” he just grunted and looked the other way.

Riiight. So, let me get this straight.

I’m too “Indian” for some of my customers. And I’m too “American” for some of the others.

That settles it. I’m learning Cantonese….

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