September 2014

Sunday September 21, 2014:

“Heart vs Anger.”

The final update on the $43.51 gas thief.

About an hour ago, I received a text message from the Detective who has been helping me in this case.
My anger told me No Mercy.

My heart said that since he did finally come back and pay his debt (even though it was 2 1/2 months later), I should just give him a second chance.

This guy is due in court tomorrow, and I gave the official go-ahead to dismiss the charges.

Hopefully if he ever gets the urge to steal again, he’ll remember the compassionate boys at that small rundown station in South Toms River, NJ.

Case is now closed.

*To reread this entire story, click on,, and and check out the entries from 07/31/14, 08/01/14, 08/02/14, and 09/18/14.

Thursday September 18, 2014:
“At Last Justice is Served, But There is Now an Unfortunate Desensitized Viewpoint on Law Enforcement.”

Some of you may remember my post from July 31st (click here:

To briefly recap, I had a guy who peeled out without paying his gas tab. $43.51. Through my surveillance footage and my detective work using Facebook, I was able to pinpoint exactly who it was. I then handed over all the evidence to the South Toms River Police Department and they began to assist me.

At 4:10pm today, this gentleman FINALLY returned to the station and paid off his debt. A full 2 1/2 MONTHS after the crime had been committed.

Now, let’s go over the sequence of events since July 31st.

1. He and his girlfriend received ‘several’ phone calls and Facebook messages from the Detective handling my case. Blatantly disregarded them all.
2. The Detective issued a formal theft complaint against him.
3. Only after it was received did this guy call the Detective back and promised to pay.
4. Weeks upon weeks upon weeks went by.
5. Finally, I asked the Detective to give him a specific deadline to return otherwise I will be pressing formal charges.

2 1/2 months later, he shows up and pays Singh the $43.51.

*I am fully aware that some police officers abuse their powers. But, look what’s happening here. All the media attention has now desensitized certain folks towards law enforcement.

I was brought up to respect the Police. And to comply immediately. This callous kind of disdain is dangerous to society.

This guy is engaged. Has a little child. To blatantly say Fuck You to us and to the Detective takes some serious balls.

He broke the law. He stole gas.

Yet, he did not give a fuck.

Since I’m a half way decent guy, I did ‘not’ press charges against him. I gave him a way out. Just come back and settle your debt. And we can pretend that this never happened.

Yet, he did not give a fuck. He took his candy ass time. 2 1/2 months!

Very sad state of affairs. Glad it’s over though. It was really eating me up inside.

I just don’t understand how people can run their lives without a conscience….

Friday September 12, 2014:
Okay, so imagine the girl from the beginning of Sir Mix A Lot’s “Baby Got Back” video. Yeah. Identical voice.

“Oh. My. God. Is it really $3.26 for credit?”

And then she proceeded to have a fucking argument with herself. She didn’t even let me answer.

“Oh Hell No. I ain’t paying that shit. I don’t need this. This is ridiculous.Oh. My God.”

And then she drove off with her gas lid open.

Fun times….

Thursday September 11, 2014:
As some of you may recall, back on June 30th I had asked if any local residents could start bringing empty cans to the station.

At one time, this gentleman was a customer of mine. Now too broke to fill his car, he would walk up and down the street every single morning collecting empty soda cans to cash in. I felt for him and thus began helping him out.

I hadn’t seen him in almost 2 months. Still, I kept on accumulating on his behalf. I now had a construction size garbage bag full of cans just waiting for him. But, he never showed.

Everyday I wondered if I should just toss the whole thing in recycling. Maybe he moved away. Maybe he got a job and just stopped collecting. Maybe something worse. In the end I decided to just hold onto it. I placed it in our outside storage shed for safe keeping.

Just a little while ago he came walking up the street. Noticeably frail and out of breath. I immediately ran up to him.

Turns out that he had suffered a very bad heart attack and almost died. He had been in and out of the hospital and on bed rest for quite some time.

I guess Singh forgot to tell me. A few days ago he had walked through here and finally took receipt.

He got pretty emotional with me. He was just so utterly grateful that I had collected and held all those cans for him. Still unemployed and now recovering from the heart attack, it was a completely pleasant surprise on his first day back on the streets.

I’m glad my man is alive and once again I’m soliciting cans on his behalf.

* For every day you wake up above ground is a day you can make a difference in someone’s Life.

Pay it forward….

Friday September 5, 2014:
“Did you know that 80% of all American money has traces of cocaine on it from drug deals?”

I can not confirm or deny that claim, but I just found it interesting that a customer would just randomly throw that at me….

Tuesday September 2, 2014:
“There’s a Fine Line Between Racism and Political Correctness.”

Customer drives in for a fill. Starts talking to me about the situation in Ferguson. Out of nowhere.

“Those Niggers need to stop looting like animals. They are not helping themselves. And they wonder why we look at them in a negative way.”

Now, why couldn’t he have just addressed them as those “guys” or at the very least those “Black guys?” Why did he choose to say those “Niggers?”

And why the fuck was he so comfortable saying that in front of me?! A total stranger.

Of course he did the infamous ‘let me look around first to make sure there are no Black people around before I start my rhetoric’ head movement.

Look. I make racial jokes to my friends and we all laugh about it over tea and crumpets. I’ll make a Black wisecrack in front of my Black friend. He’ll playfully retaliate with a brown gag. Etc etc.

I hang around with a diverse group of people and we’ve had nothing but love for one another for over 20 years now.

But, when you spew out slurs in front of a total stranger? You’re part of the problem.

Hey society. We have some major evolving to do….

Monday September 1, 2014:
Ever have one of those “Question Mark” kinda experiences? Well, I just had one.

Customer pulls in for a fill.

“$10 regular. Cash.”

5 seconds later he rolls his window back down.

“In the car.”

Umm, okay? Where exactly did he think I was going to put $10 worth of fuel….up my ass?

Monday September 1, 2014:
The infamous Delta will be operating on a Holiday Schedule today.

What does that mean? Well, that means that I got an extra hours sleep this morning and Singh gets to close whenever the Hell he wants!

389 Dover Road in South Toms River, NJ. Just a 1/4 mile off Exit 80 of the Garden State Parkway.

Come join us on this Labor Day where our motto is always “Hey, we may not be the cheapest gas station around, but we’re definitely a lot less expensive than the Parkway and umm pretty much the entire state of California.”

Attention Teachers: Remember to set your alarm clocks.

Attention Beach Residents: Your “local summer” begins. Start rejoicing….

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